Of all of olive oil’s uses, gastronomy is the most widespread, appreciated and the most appropriate for demonstrating the benefits it brings to our health.

Olive oil is a product that has been rooted in our food culture for thousands of years. The Phoenicians introduced it to the 11-century BC inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula. During the Roman era, the consumption of olive oil spread rapidly, with the province of Betica, present-day Andalusia, being the main production area of the entire empire.

Virgin Olive Oil is the only oil that is consumed directly from the ‘pressed’ fruit. The manufacturing process is simple and does not alter the properties of the ‘juice’ obtained. The rest of the Vegetable Oils come from seeds for the most part and chemical processes are involved in their production, making these oils less natural than Virgin Olive Oil.

From a nutritional point of view, Olive Oil is a vegetable fat that provides approximately 9 calories per gram of oil consumed. Therefore, an unrestrained use of Olive Oil is not recommended in the same way that abuse of other fats are not recommended in the diet

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