Quality Department

Quality today has acquired such relevance for the management of companies or organisations that it has radically transformed the way they are managed.

At Grupo Interóleo, we are very concerned about our customers, that is why the implementation of a quality system allows us to integrate responsibilities, new ways of performing tasks, procedures, processes and organisational resources with the aim of achieving a management oriented to customer satisfaction.

What is quality?

Quality, meeting consumer needs and conforming to design specifications are summarised in the following definition:

Definition by Ishikawa:

“Working on quality is about designing, producing and providing a good or useful service, as economical as possible and always satisfactory to the user.

At Grupo Interóleo we understand that Quality is more than a definition, it is a purpose. We take into account the needs and expectations of our customers and regulate our actions accordingly.

Myths about quality:

  • Believing that a quality product or service is a luxury product or service.
  • Quality is intangible and therefore cannot be measured.
  • The kind of work is different.
  • All the problems are caused by the workers.
  • Quality originates from the quality department.



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